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Seminar für biblische Theologie Beatenberg Gästehaus
CH-3803 Beatenberg

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CH-3030 Bern

IBAN: CH31 0900 0000 6013 4090 3


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Oliver Meyer




A very nice guesthouse with breathtaking mountain scenery. Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau right in front of you when you wake up...

Also priced compared to other guesthouses in Switzerland for sure an insider tip. Especially for families with children! We were already here last year and are very happy to come back!

Karl-Ernst Höfflin

June 2022



As a couple we spent two wonderful days at sbt guesthouse. Very nice and well furnished room. Everything very clean and hygienic. The food is a real treat for the palate. Warm atmosphere in the house.

Type of trip vacation

Room 5,0  Service 5,0  Location 5,0


Aug. 2022



Super place to relax and recharge. The crew makes a lot of effort and sweetens our stay. We will definitely go back next year.

Type of trip vacation - family

Room  5,0  Service  5,0  Location  5,0